Benefits of Home Water Testing

January 6, 2022 kinetico drinking water system

While city water must meet federal standards, it may not meet your standards. Home water testing can help get to the issues – some that aren’t as obvious as others. There are a lot of variables when it comes to your home water quality, including the age of the water system, potential for contamination and unknown well water quality.

What’s In My Tap Water?

The Environmental Protection Agency regulates more than 85 drinking water contaminants ranging from microorganisms to inorganic chemicals. Its standards are measured in MCLs (maximum contaminant levels). In addition to these safety standards, the EPA also has a secondary set standards to achieve the water quality that it recommends. There also is a separate list of contaminant candidates, which are not yet being regulated but known to enter public water systems.

Understanding Water Testing Results

Kinetico water tests can detect hardness, iron, pH and TDS (total dissolved solids) in your water supply. On-site tests are beneficial because of their immediacy, and it also gives us a chance to examine your site for any installation considerations.

Here are a few reasons we recommend a home water test:

  • Manganese – Knowing how the mineral is present in your water supply will help us match you up with the best product. Water with high manganese levels can be fixed with either a water softener or filtration system, depending on whether the mineral is dissolved or particulated.
  • Chlorine – The pre-filters we select for our reverse osmosis systems are dependent upon whether there’s chlorine in the water supply of the home. This will also help when matching you up to the right water softener or dechlorination system.
  • Hydrogen sulfide – The method of treating hydrogen sulfide varies, depending on whether it’s a low-level gas or present in high levels with a lot of iron. Knowing this is the difference between installing an aeration tank and introducing an oxidizing agent.

Why Should You Test The Water in Your House?

Whether it’s the ocean or your YETI cup, water is all around us. But how often do you stop and think about the quality of the water you see or drink? What about the water your family drinks inside your home? Your home’s water should be properly assessed over time.

At Kinetico San Antonio, we offer a free water test for any of your water needs. Below are just a few reasons why homeowners should conduct water tests.


Bacteria in your drinking water? Gross! Disease-causing bacteria can enable potential health concerns when neglected, especially in the immune systems of children and infants. While some bacteria is considered unharmful, the type of bacteria we’re talking about is quite the opposite.

Skin irritation

We work so hard to keep our skin healthy and hydrated. Water that is contaminated can reverse any skin care regiment. Redness, itchiness and flakiness are key signs to look for during your post-shower ritual.


Have you ever been able to actually smell someone’s water? Maybe it smelt sulfuric? Metallic? Either way, it’s all bad! Your water’s odor can not only be a sign of contamination but a turn-off to any visitors you might have.

There are a number of reasons why testing your home’s water is crucial, but there is one word that should hold the most meaning: safety. 

Perks of ditching store-bought water

  • Tap water is free! If you went to a gas station and bought a gallon of gas and a gallon worth of bottled water, you’d spend almost three times as much on the water. (Think about that next time you think gas prices are too steep!) Hydrating from home stop the needless spending.
  • The EPA strictly regulates tap water. The FDA is in charge of bottled water regulation and allows certain levels of contaminants in water you buy at the store.
  • Water tests are free! If you’re uncertain of the quality of your tap water or would like it to taste better, Kinetico San Antonio is offering free water tests to help you find out just what is in your water. 

To learn more about water quality, also check out the Water Quality Association and the American Water Works Association.

To schedule a free water test, contact Kinetico San Antonio today!

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Jonathan Myers

We're very glad we got this installed. The technician, Alberto, was very polite and thoroughly explained what he was doing and what we would need to do.

Kyle James

Alberto kept me informed on his arrival time. He was professional and exceeded my expectations concerning the install of the water filtration system. I also need to put a plug in for Tracy for her patience and skills at making things happen behind the scenes...a true unsung hero. They both deserve a raise!


I just had my system installed by Alberto and Jay, and I wanted to say that they rocked. Got it all in and gave me some instructions to follow, all while being determined to detail and professional. Thanks, fellas.

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