What’s the Best Salt for my Water Softener?

Want to make the investment in a new water softener for your home? Good decision! Making the switch to soft water will lengthen the life of home appliances and enhance your quality of life. Soft water enhances the taste of home-cooked food and is better for your hair and skin when bathing. While shifting to soft water is a good choice, finding the right water softener can prove to be more difficult. Here are a few factors to consider.


Do some research on your own to gain a better understanding of what makes a high-quality water softener. For example, water softened with salt does not leave scale deposits. Doing some research may save you money and provide equal or higher quality.

Know Your Water Source

Water hardness and softness are not direct, black and white terms. There is a gray area. In short, water is different in every region and to determine what water softener to use, and how much, you need to know the water hardness of your home. Here is San Antonio, we have some of the hardest water in the entire country.

What Salt Should You Use?

Companies like Kinetico San Antonio are available to inform and help homeowners maintain the water softener for their home. We recommend Diamond Crystal Bright and Soft Salt Pellets to use with Kinetico water softeners. They are made with up to 99.8% salt, which will not leave a residue, and are nearly 100% water soluble.

Switching to soft water may seem daunting at first, but water softener companies like Kinetico San Antonio are always happy to inform and help homeowners. Call or visit today for help on all of your water and water appliance needs.