Water Tips for Pet Owners 

Pet owners take pride in making sure their pets are taken care of and loved. Having summer to look forward to is another joy that bonds pet owners with their beloved pet. The summer sun makes pets happy with lots of bonding time with their owners. Summer time creates opportunities to explore and be adventurous with your loyal companion by ditching the heat to cool off in a cold body of water. There is nothing quite like bonding at a beach or playing fetch in a pool with your buddy. But before you head out to a much needed relaxing day at the beach, pool, lake or river, be sure to remember some helpful water safety tips.

Take Caution

Before you go in water with your pet, you need to know if your pet can swim. They may even hate being in water, in general. If you haven’t given your pet a bath or exposed them to cold water, do so before any visit to a water recreation spot. Introducing cold water and unknown water to a pet can become daunting if not handled carefully. Some pets love the water and could be in it all day, and then there are pets that dread water.

So do yourself the favor and gradually expose your pet to water. If you’re pet isn’t a fan of water, then at least you have found out the easy way instead of driving hours to head to the beach to find out there. A good way to practice is to give your pet a bath in a bathtub or even a small plastic pool outside.

Always Have Fresh Water

It’s always important to make sure you have enough water along with your pet. The summer time can be crucial and can make you dehydrated if you don’t drink enough out in the sun. So make sure your pet has water, too. Be sure to pack enough H2O and bring some extra bottles and your pet’s favorite water bowl. Having fresh water for your pet is important to make sure they don’t drink out of the ocean or chlorinated pools that will only cause harm its digestive system.