Are Water Softeners Worth It?

Understanding the benefits of a water softener.

Have you every bitten into a piece of chalk?

No? Just me?

That raises, as well as answers, a lot of questions.

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If you haven’t bitten into a piece of chalk but you have drunk hard water, it’s essentially the same experience. Natural water usually has different minerals in it that can give it a thick, almost gritty feeling when you drink it. These minerals can also add taste to your water that can range from barely noticeable to “yeesh!”

What water softeners do is take the minerals in your water out, which make it smoother to drink and tasteless. So, are water softeners worth it?

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Soft water – when used in the shower – actually gives you cleaner and fresher skin and hair. The lack of soap scum on your skin leaves you with a refreshed feeling. And hard water can lead to dry, brittle and difficult-to-brush hair. So, are water softeners worth it?

When you boil down to it (pun intended), water is essential for human life. If you have the luxury to choose if you want that water to be hard or soft, the answer is simple.