How Water Softeners Protect Coffee Machines

For us coffee enthusiasts, we understand the coffee machine plays a vital role in the morning. As essential as this machine is, you want to be sure you are taking proper care of it. Mornings can be busy, and you certainly don’t have time to worry about the quality of water going into your coffee machine. Water softeners are a simple solution to ensure you are using the best water for your appliance that will ultimately save you time and money.

Chemical build up

Certain chemicals, like calcium and magnesium, are found in hard water that can damage appliances. Water softeners help reduce the amount of hardness in water, which helps in reducing the amount of buildup in your coffee machine. Whether you use a traditional coffee machine or a Keurig, both of these appliances are vulnerable to buildup because of the high temperatures. This build-up leads to blockage which will require the machine to be cleaned more often.

Constantly buying a new machine

If you don’t take caution in the quality of water you are putting into your machine and are not maintaining it properly, you may find yourself buying a new coffee machine far too often. In general, when taken care of properly, you should expect your coffee machine to last around five years. If you find yourself buying a new coffee machine more frequently than that, investing in a water softener will be saving you money.

Better Taste

Let’s talk about what may be most important – taste. You may notice a difference in the taste of your coffee when using water from water softeners. This is because better quality water produces better quality coffee. It’s as simple as that.

The quality of water in your home is important when it comes to protecting coffee machines and also plays a key role in great-tasting coffee. A simple, water softener installation could save you time and money, and you will never have to question the quality of your water again. Your mornings will be worry free, your cup of joe will taste better and your pockets will be fuller.