Water Softener Universal City

universal city water softener

If you need a new water softener in Universal City, you’ve come to the right place! Kinetico has proudly serviced the greater San Antonio area since 1975. A Kinetico water softener runs on the kinetic energy of moving water. That means it uses no electricity. In addition, you’ll instantly notice the difference of soft water on your hair, skin, dishes and clothes. Homes that use the Kinetico water softening technology enjoy better water efficiency without costing you more energy. Because your appliances will work better and require fewer cycles, you’ll also save energy and reduce your need for soaps and detergents.

Wondering if a Kinetico water softener is for you? We offer free water tests and free quotes to get your home equipped with one of our water softener systems. Simply fill out the Quick Quote form on our website to schedule a free consultation with one of Kinetico’s experienced water professionals today!

The Kinetico Difference

For more than 40 years, Kinetico water systems have been on the cutting edge of engineering. Kinetico water softeners protect your appliances and plumbing, improve your skin and hair, and give your home a deeper clean. Enjoy longer lasting appliances, improved water flow, and softer hair with a Kinetico water softener and say good-bye to dry skin, spotty dishes, cloudy glasses, hard water stains, and clogged appliances.

About Universal City

Located just northeast of San Antonio at the I-35/Loop 1604 interchange, TX, Universal City is just minutes away from Randolph Air Force Base, Rolling Oaks Mall and Retama Park. Universal City’s nearby communities include Live Oak, Selma, Converse, and Schertz.