Water Softener Schertz

schertz water softener

If you live in the Schertz area and need a new water softener in Schertz, you’ve come to the right place! Kinetico has proudly serviced the San Antonio and Hill Country area since 1975. Suffering from hard water in your home? Contact us today for a free water test or quick quote.

Water Softener Benefits

  • Protect Your Property – Pure, soft water is safer for your appliances and plumbing and allows them to work more efficiently.
  • Drink From The Tap – Enjoy pure drinkable water from your tap and stop buying bottled water.
  • Enjoy A Cleaner Home – Say goodbye to hard water stains and hello to spot-free glasses and scale-free fixtures.
  • AffordabilityWater softener rentals start at just $57 per month, making it more accessible than ever!

Why Kinetico Water Softeners?

A trusted brand for more than 40 years, Kinetico San Antonio offers unmatched performance, dependability and customization. Our nonelectric water systems are uncompromised in their engineering and performance.

Powered by the force of moving water and not electricity, not only do Kinetico water softeners save you electricity, they only soften the water you need. This means no wasted water, which can be the case for electrical systems. With our twin tank design, you can be rest-assured you are never out of soft water!

Other Schertz Home Water Systems

  • Reverse Osmosis – Our K5 Reverse Osmosis System is known to remove more contaminants than any other product of its kind. Perfectly customizable with a Kinetico water softener.
  • Dechlorinators – Whole house chlorine filters that can be worked into a convenient, complete package. An ideal upgrade for homes with water softeners and reverse osmosis.
  • Water Filters – We offer water filters for sulfur and arsenic, as well as aerator filters that oxidize iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. Our neutralizer water filters are ideal for homes with highly acidic water.

About Schertz

Located north of San Antonio near the I-35 and Loop 1604 interchange, Schertz is minutes away from Randolph Air Force Base and Retama Park. Nearby communities include Selma, Universal City and Converse.