Water Softener San Antonio

Are you looking for a new water softener in San Antonio?  Well you’ve come to the right place! Kinetico has proudly serviced the Hill Country and San Antonio area since 1975. San Antonio is known for having hard water throughout the city and surrounding areas, so water softening and purification is essential.

Contact Kinetico San Antonio and let us inform you on how we can improve your drinking water, hair and skin as well as prolong the life cycle of your home appliances!

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San Antonio Water Softeners by Kinetico

Water Softener San Antonio - Kinetico

All Kinetico water softeners run on the kinetic energy of flowing water. In short, this means that Kinetico water softeners use no electricity!  You’ll instantly notice the difference of soft water on your skin, hair, dishes and clothes.

We offer free water tests and quotes to get your home properly prepared with one of our new water softener systems. All you need to do is fill out our Quick Quote form to schedule a free consultation with one of Kinetico’s experienced water softener experts today! Don’t forget to ask about our water softener rentals!