Water Softener Repair

Water Softener Repair in San Antonio


You can count on continual support from the Kinetico San Antonio team.

At Kinetico San Antonio, we don’t just install our quality water softeners – we also repair them if the need ever arises. When it comes to our products, Kinetico is the indisputable maintenance experts, and we are glad to assist you in keeping your water softener in top shape. Our highly experienced team has been installing and repairing Kinetico water softeners in San Antonio since 1970. If you have any questions about, or need assistance with, your Kinetico home water softener, just give us a call today!

My Kinetico water softener has stopped working. What do I do?

Thanks to your Kinetico water softener, your pipes, dishes, laundry, skin and hair have grown accustomed to proper treatment. After all of this pampering, a sudden failure in your system could leave you living in a bad dream of the times before soft water. You don’t have to kiss your bright, fluffy towels, clear dishes, soft skin and shiny hair goodbye, however. If your home’s water softener happens to malfunction, simply call the professionals at Kinetico San Antonio. Our experts are readily available to handle any water softener repair and get your home back on the track to soft water.


We repair every series and style of Kinetico water softener.

Each of our Kinetico home water softeners require varying degrees of maintenance, based on their series and style. Whether you’re dealing with basic maintenance problems like too little salt, an excess of salt, a clogged resin bed, a clogged injector or something more serious, our friendly technicians are trained and ready to quickly diagnose and repair your softener. More times than not, your Kinetico softener will be repaired and supplying your home with clean and pure water the very same day. A faulty home water softener shouldn’t leave you with hard decisions and harder water. We believe in our products at Kinetico, and, though malfunctions rarely occur, we’re always ready and willing to solve any and all problems that may arise. If you suspect failure or any problems with your water softener, don’t hesitate. Give us a call today at 210-656-7873!  Don’t forget to ask us about our affordable water softener rentals.