Water Softener Helotes

water softener helotes

For the water softener Helotes trusts, try Kinetico of San Antonio! Hard water not only causes stains on tubs, sinks and fixtures, it also accelerates the wear and tear of appliances and can even cause them to break. In addition, hard water is rough on your hair and skin. For pure, clean water straight from your tap, try a water softener today. To get started, contact us for a free water test.

Water Softener Schertz - Kinetico

Water Softener Benefits

  • Protect Your Appliances and Plumbing – Appliances such as water heaters and dishwashing machines that operate on soft water last longer than those that operate on hard water.
  • Better Hair and Skin – Enjoy cleaner, softer hair and skin that is well moisturized. Shower with real lather and say good-bye to soap scum.
  • A Deeper Clean For Your Home – Soft water means no longer having to deal with spotty or cloudy dishes, fixtures and floors. It also means not needing to spend a fortune on buildup removers or using twice as much detergent in washing machines and dishwashers to get the job done.

Why Kinetico Water Softeners?

Kinetico of San Antonio has been a trusted name for more than 40 years, with products that are engineered for optimum performance. All homes are not the same, and neither are our water softener solutions. Our technicians meet with you on your individual water needs and come up with a custom plan that works for you.

Because Kinetico water softeners are powered by moving water, they require no electricity to operate. In addition, our non-electric water softeners only soften the water you use, as opposed to softening water in bulk and disposing of what isn’t used. Kinetico water softeners are good for both energy and water conservation. Don’t forget to ask about our affordable water softener rentals!

About Helotes

Located in Bexar County, Helotes is located northwest of San Antonio off of the Loop 1604 and State Highway 1604 interchange. Near the surrounding communities of Leon Valley and Grey Forest, Helotes is home of John T. Floore’s Country Store and is minutes away from SeaWorld and Six Flags.