How Water Gets to Your Home

brand new stainless steel faucet.

Turning on the faucet for a glass of water or jumping into a hot shower are both mindless things we do every day – but have you ever stopped to wonder how that water makes it to your home? It’s a pretty amazing and fortunate thing to have running water at our finger tips whenever we need it. So, while we are appreciating and wondering about our water supply, here is the story of how water gets to your home.

Water sources

Home water is derived from one of two sources. If you live in the country, your water supply most likely comes from a well. But if you live in or close to a city, your water comes from a public water supply. The source of the public water supply is dependent on where you live. If you live near a body of water, like a lake or river, your home water supply most likely comes from there. Here in San Antonio, the water comes from the Edwards Aquifer. Those of you who receive water from a public water supply will be charged each month with a bill for how much water your home has used.

The process

Well water is known as ground water and requires drilling to reach, while surface water comes from lakes, rivers or streams. Pipes are used to collect the water from either location and is then treated through a filtration process that reduces any harmful chemicals. The water is then either sent to water tanks for storage or stored in an underground reservoir. From the reservoir, it is then pumped through underground pipes, known as water mains, that eventually connect to your home’s plumbing to supply you with clean and safe water.

You might be wondering, then what? What happens to water waste? After use, your water is most likely sent to a wastewater treatment plant so that it can be filtered and recycled.

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