Three Best Dogs for Water

Dogs are man’s best companion – our top friends. And for some people, being able to do water activities is a must for their canine companions. Some dog breeds do better than others if you want to go to the beach, the river, the lake or even if you just want to play with a hose. Here are three dogs that enjoy the water more than the average pooch.


Pest dogs for water lovers.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are a large dog breed that is famed for their intelligence and ability to be trained. They have naturally water-repellant fur and came about through breeding between retrievers and water spaniels. They are excellent swimmers and are even used as water rescue dogs. Because of their athletic ability, they are well known for being good dock jumpers.


Newfoundlands are a giant dog breed that hails from Canada. They have heavy coats, webbed feet and are muscular, making them one of the most natural swimming dog breeds around. Long-distance swimming is their specialty. They have a loving temperament, making them good family dogs. However, their most noted use is as water rescue dogs. They are intelligent and loyal, just a few of the many top qualities of this top water dog.

Water Spaniel

There are a few types of Water Spaniels, with the most known being the American and the Irish. They are closely related to other water dog breeds, such as the Spanish Water Dog. They are unique in their way, but overall they are noted for being excellent water dogs. The American Water Spaniel is one of the few American dog breeds, and it is smaller than the other types. It is known for being a great hunting companion, as well as a family dog. The Irish Water Spaniel is larger than the American, and it is noted for being intelligent and having a very full coat.