The Effects of Hard Water on a Washing Machine

Protect Your Washing Machine From Hard Water

We’ve talked quite a bit here on the Kinetico San Antonio blog about the effects of hard water on everything from your skin and hair to your appliances. So today, we want to take a closer look at one appliance in particular – your washing machine – and detail some issues that pop up with hard water and explain how a water softener would help avoid those problems.

Hard water causes a few problems during the process of washing clothes. First, you have to use more detergent with hard water. That’s because the compounds in hard water interfere with the washing capability of the detergent. So more is needed in order for it to do its job. One of the biggest changes you’ll notice after installing a Kinetico water softener in your home is a dramatic decrease in the amount of detergent you use when washing clothes (and this goes for dishes, as well). In addition, hard water does a number on your clothes themselves. Hard water causes the colors of your clothing to fade more quickly, and your clothes will actually feel harder to the touch. Finally, and likely most importantly, hard water can cause problems with the mechanics of your washing machine that could greatly affect the lifespan of the appliance. Hard-water buildups in different parts of the washing machine can cause breakdowns and force expensive repairs.

Fortunately, there’s a solution for these issues. Kinetico water softeners provide soft water for your family’s home that not only helps your skin and hair, but your appliances as well. Longer-lasting appliances and clothes – even more benefits of soft water!