The Costs of Bottled Water

How much is bottle water costing you?

Forget the trendy packaging with its promises of purity and visually pleasing places of origin and look inside at what you’re drinking. Is the water you’re paying for at the store worth the cost when you compare quality with other sources? Here some information from Kinetico San Antonio about bottled water.

The FDA regulates the bottled water industry. The EPA regulates public water sources. Strangely enough, the less-expensive water, public tap water, is more strictly regulated for drinking quality. As far as prices go, there’s no comparison. Check out this eye-opening stat from the San Antonio Water System. For the same price as a $1 bottle of water, you could refill that same bottle once a day with tap water.once a day for more than nine years!

Maybe you’re more concerned about the environmental cost of a bottled-water lifestyle. Total water consumed, extra water required for production and purification, energy required for manufacturing, oil required to produce the plastic bottles and the carbon dioxide-equivalent are all factors when looking at the ultimate cost of drinking bottled water. Your individual production costs can really add up.

If you’re put off by the thought of water out of the tap, a Kinetico drinking water system in your home would eliminate the need to purchase bottled water. Through reverse osmosis you’re left with the cleanest possible drinking water and aren’t contributing more bottles to landfills or spending money on bottled water. To calculate your own spendings, the Center for a New American Dream offers an online Bottled Water Cost Calculator.

Don’t like the numbers you’re seeing? Consider making the cost-efficient switch to a Kinetico Drinking Water System.