The Benefits of Water on Your Skin

benefits of waterBecause We Are 60% Water

Did you know your water could have a major impact on your appearance? It’s true, and it applies in a couple of different ways.

First, it’s incredibly important to stay hydrated. Your skin starts to dry up as you age, so drinking the correct amount of water helps keep your skin healthy and helps it look younger. Water also helps reduce the effects of things like sunlight and smoking on your skin.

In addition, the deposits in hard water can greatly affect your collagen and cause wrinkles. One thing we hear all the time from Kinetico San Antonio customers is they love how their skin feels with soft water. That’s because their water softener is removing deposits like iron, magnesium and lead from the water. Those deposits make the skin feel oily. Calcium and chlorine in untreated water can also dry out the skin.

Water is important and essential for several reasons. But don’t lose track of the benefits of water on your skin!