Is Tap Water Really That Bad For My Hair and Skin?

One of our daily routines is cleansing our body, hair and skin. There’s no way to get around it. But using tap water can be a leading factor into why your hair and skin is dry and harsh. Here are some points on why you should consider thinking about investing in a water softener that will leave you with the cleanest, softest skin.


What’s in Tap Water?


Here in San Antonio, tap water is hard water comprised of a high mineral composition, containing minerals like calcium that can leave your skin with redness, irritation and inflammation. If you have rosacea or hypersensitive skin, you are making your skin even worse as you apply hard water on your face causing a never-ending fight with your already red skin.


Tap Water Dries Out Skin


Hard water can also contain chlorine, which acts to dry and strip the natural oils and proteins from your skin. Just like after you come back from a chlorinated pool, your skin feels itchy and dry.


Effects of Tap Water Over Time


If you expose your skin to harmful chemical elements over time, this can lead to blotchiness, redness and even premature aging (wrinkles). These minerals that are in your hard water can even breakdown collagen and tissue in your skin.

*Take a moment and consider if your bathroom faucets have stains around them. All those minerals and chemicals staining your bathroom is the same hard water residue you wash your skin with.


Why Invest in Water Softener?


Water softeners eliminate harsh chemicals and minerals that make your skin and hair dry and itchy. Water softeners remove the minerals, giving you the purest water for your home. Water softeners will make your appliances residue free, protect your plumbing and fixtures, and will make your hair and skin look and feel healthier! Start investing in your beautiful hair and skin by calling Kinetico San Antonio today!