Staying Hydrated at the Pool

Ever feel drained after a relaxing day at the pool? You may find yourself exhausted and very thirsty, and this is because you may not be drinking enough water to hydrate yourself!

Especially in the summer months, drinking plenty of water is very important. On your day trips to the pool, don’t forget to bring plenty of drinking water with you. Even though you’re surrounded by water, you need to remember to drink up and make sure you stay hydrated.

Salt, Sugar and Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are a poolside favorite for adults, but these drinks can leave you thirstier and possibly dehydrated. Alcohol decreases the production of anti-diuretic hormone, which is what the body uses to reabsorb water – thus allowing your body to loose water faster than it normally would.

Sugary drinks are another beverage of choice that should be avoided to keep your body happy and hydrated. High levels of sugar in your blood stream cause you to need to urinate more and lose water quicker.

Another flavor enhancer to avoid before a pool day is salt. Salt absorbs the water in your body, which can easily dehydrate you. The saltier foods you eat, the more dehydrated you become. Avoid eating very salty foods to keep yourself hydrated.

Well, what should I drink?

Water, water and more water. Water is the best option when it comes to staying hydrated. If you’re not the biggest fan of water, there are other summer drink options – like flavor additions – that taste great and will keep you hydrated too! Another option is to eat foods that contain a lot of water, such as fruit.

Planning a day at the pool? Make sure you stay hydrated! And to make sure that water you’re drinking is safe and clean, contact Kinetico San Antonio about our selection of drinking water systems!