Soft Water For Curly Hair

When it comes to hair care, you think you know everything until you experience straw-like, dull and lifeless strands. Soft water might be the best solution to resolve your now frizzy, naturally curly hair. A water softener can be installed in your home within a matter of days, but why is this the best solution? Find out how this simple installation can restore your naturally curly locks.

Unlike soft water, hard water has a high mineral content. Deposits like magnesium and calcium are commonly found in the tap water of more than 85 percent of homes in the United States – and especially here in San Antonio, where we have some of the hardest water in the country. Naturally curly hair and these minerals do not mix well together. After showering, these natural deposits can cause tangling in the hair, leading to breakage and frizz. Does “hard water hair” sound familiar? Soft water is stripped of both magnesium and calcium, leaving you with a softer and smoother look.

After the minerals like magnesium and calcium in hard water have been removed, soft water will begin to lather better with soap. This is because soft water reacts differently to certain components in your products, producing residue that is more of a foam and less of a film. Using less product can lead to a more natural look for your curls.

There are additional benefits if your naturally curly hair is colored. Due to the mineral build up mentioned earlier, the color of your curls could fade faster if you do not use a water softener. Minerals attached to the hair might be ultimately causing the issues that you have noticed with your dull and life-less strands. Adding texture and shine back to your hair can be as easy as calling Kinetico San Antonio. Contact a water professional to install a water softener in your home today!