San Antonio Water Hardness Explained

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Why Is San Antonio’s Water So Hard?

San Antonio and the Hill Country are known for having some of the hardest water in America. Like the weather, this is something that we learn to adapt to. Water softeners play a huge part in central Texas, but do we ever think about why our water is so hard and mineralized? Here’s a helpful guide to San Antonio water hardness.

We get our water from the area’s largest water source, the Edwards Aquifer. This aquifer is full of limestone, which in turn leaves dissolved minerals in our water. The San Antonio Water System says that some areas of limestone are denser than others, so water hardness can vary from different parts of the area.

Considering we have this hard water to deal with, we should always think about the importance of a water softener. They are very common in central Texas because of the hard water we are provided through our pipes.

Water softeners provide benefits like eliminating toxins in the water, as well as providing a better taste. Water softeners are also known to improve things like laundry, cooking, dishwashing (they prevent those nasty buildups on glasses like you see above), bathing and even skin care! These wonderful inventions are also considered “green” or “eco-friendly” because they use no electricity and save water.

Another thing to think about is that they will provide a longer shelf life for your appliances. Hard water can cause more wear and tear than soft water, hindering your appliances’ ability to work at full capacity.

Kinetico water softeners are fueled by moving water, not electricity. This is wonderful news when it comes to your electricity bill! They also have warranties that guarantee satisfaction.

Kinetico San Antonio knows the struggle of hard water and will come to your home to do a free water test and free quick quote on a water softener right for your family! Contact Kinetico SA today to see what we can do for you.