Restaurant Water Softeners


Water is the foundation of food service, and restaurant water softeners are foundational to the kitchen. It’s not just a difference you can taste in your coffee or fountain drink – you can see the difference from mop water that’s sediment-free to drinking glasses that sparkle. Kinetico San Antonio’s restaurant water softeners will give your customer the quality of water backed by national brands and enjoyed for decades.

Soft Water Tastes Better

  • Better Coffee & Tea – A cup of tea or coffee is mostly water, and during the brewing process hundreds of compounds are released to provide that beverage your customers look forward. too. Unfortunately, chlorine and hardness can rob them of this experience.
  • Better Fountain Drinks – Unfortunately, you can be judged by the taste of your fountain drinks. The perfect menu item just isn’t right when washed down with funny-tasting soft drink.
  • Higher Quality Food – When fruits and vegetables are cooked in water, the calcium levels in the water will influence its texture. Ensure the best food quality for customers by starting with your water.
  • Clear Ice Cubes – Sometimes the devil is in the details. Ice cubes that sparkle will leave a lasting impression with your customers.

Softer Water, Cleaner Restaurant

  • Customized for You – Our products range in size, from compact to industrial, to ensure you have the right match for your operation.
  • Spot-free Dishes, Glasses & Fixtures – Because it’s hard to create suds with hard water, restaurant water softeners enable your establishment to have a cleaner presence.
  • Higher Appliances Efficiency – Dishwashers and water heaters do their jobs better when there isn’t sediment in the way. Appliances that don’t work as hard will last longer, and save you water and electricity as well.
  • Lower Appliance Downtime – A restaurant can’t run properly when something’s out of order. This happen less when damaging hard water is taken out of the picture.

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