Kinetico Premier Series™

Kinetico Premier Series Water Softener

Premier Series™ San Antonio Water Softeners

Kinetico Premier Series water softeners supply homeowners with the ultimate solution to their water conditioning needs. The Premier Series’ innovative design efficiently topples San Antonio’s toughest water challenges without any complicated computer systems or timers. Did we mention that our water softeners don’t use electricity? That’s right, the Premier Series water softeners save you energy by using the energy of moving water to fuel their filtration. Kinetico’s patent-pending Accudial™ allows users to adjust for their home’s specific water conditions with pinpoint calibration. This marvel of efficiency eliminates unnecessary waste and saves you from paying extra operational costs. This is the closest, cost-effective version of a custom-fit water softener for your San Antonio home.

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Gone are the days of weak, low-flowing water softeners that struggle to keep up with the demands of an average household. Kinetico Premier Series water softeners feature multiple-tank systems for a continuous supply of soft water, even during the regeneration (cleaning) process. The Premier Series system will regenerate as needed, day or night, so that you always have soft water available.

Along with solving your San Antonio hard water problems, our Premier Series water softeners will also remove iron, chlorine and other particulates as they soften. Another plus? They come backed with the most comprehensive, flexible warranty available. What are you waiting for? Speak with a water softener professional today at Kinetico San Antonio!

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