Membrane System

Reverse Osmosis Whole House Membrane System

Our TX Membrane System is an efficient, saltless solution for solving San Antonio’s hard water problems. This system effortlessly tackles a variety of water problems and requires very little effort to maintain. The semi-permeable membrane traps all the impurities in your water, leaving you with luxuriously soft water. The TX System excels where most other water treatment options have failed.

When you choose Kinetico, you’re choosing the best on the market. Our products consistently outperform the competition. As the leaders in water purification, Kinetico offers San Antonio and Hill Country homeowners exactly what they need for the toughest hard water problems.

The Kinetico Whole House Membrane System uses reverse osmosis, the highest form of filtration, to rid your water of unwanted minerals and particles. This is a huge benefit to your home as it saves your plumbing and appliances from mineral buildup damage. Soft water from this system will also put an end to unsightly mineral build up soap scum on your glassware, clothes, skin and hair. When you’re ready for your water to work with your home instead of against it, contact Kinetico San Antonio for more information on the reverse osmosis TX Membrane System.