Are Powdered Drinks Bad For You?

A Society of Calorie Cutters?

Everywhere we look, labels are trying to cut calories. Even McDonald’s has added salads and calorie counts to its menus. Little changes are what help to keep our bodies healthier. We try and eat cleaner, go on walks and drink enough water. But it does make us question if our choices are being made correctly.

In this day and age, being healthy is hard. Making the decision between a giant fountain drink and water is not always easy. So often we resort to water add-ins or substitutes, like Crystal Light and other powdered drinks. However, there are always rumors spreading about what is and what is not, in fact, ‘good for us’. So let’s answer that question: are powdered drinks bad for you?

Is Crystal Light Bad For You?

If you don’t know what Crystal Light is, it’s a low-calorie powder that is added into your water to add flavor. This seems harmless and, after all, it’s a better choice than a soda because it has less sugar. But is it in fact bad for you? The answer is no – it isn’t bad for you. Powdered drinks such as Crystal light are great as substitutions for sugary sodas and lattes. They may help you drink more water – especially for those who think the lack of flavor in water keeps them from staying hydrated.

The important thing is to still keep up with drinking simple water, as well. Powdered mixes, such as Green Tea, are high in certain elements that like most teas, can dehydrate you. An excess amount of intake can have some contribution to the production of kidney stones, but only if you don’t stay hydrated with plain water.

In conclusion, these powdered drinks are fine to drink, as long as you have a balance between drinking the mixes and plain water.

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