Our Different Approach

Simply brilliant, brilliantly simple.

Kinetico San Antonio’s goal is to bring your family the best water possible. There are several reasons why Kinetico’s water solutions stand out from the rest – it’s the Kinetico difference!

Unmatched Performance

Kinetico’s systems are more efficient, effective and economical than other systems on the market. They remove more contaminants to deliver crystal-clear and clean water to your home for a lifetime. That’s one of the main reasons Kinetico is so popular around the world. Every time you use a faucet or appliance in your home, you know your water is the best.


Kinetico systems are also environmentally friendly. The last thing you want while dealing with water is to introduce electricity into the mix. So Kinetico systems are non-electric! Instead, they are powered by the kinetic force of the moving water. Kinetico has the patent on the unplugged approach to water treatment. There’s nothing to plug in and no computers or electrical components to worry about setting, repairing or replacing.


Here at Kinetico San Antonio, we like to say one of our systems will be the last water softener you’ll ever own – and we mean it! Our systems are built to last, and we gladly invite you to ask any Kinetico customer for proof. In fact, our first San Antonio customer back in 1974 still has the same water softener installed in his home today. Kinetico systems last a lifetime and provide you with the best water possible and peace of mind. Before a Kinetico product is installed in your home, it’s undergone multiple tests at the facility where it was manufactured. If there’s an issue, that system is not allowed to leave. That’s why Kinetico has the best warranty in the industry. We stand by our products.

Tailored to You

We understand that finding the right water treatment system for your home is a process. There are a lot to choose from, and it can be stressful trying to find the right company. That’s why Kinetico San Antonio works so hard to understand the needs of San Antonio homeowners. We always offer a free water analysis with no obligation. We also offer free estimates to find you the best option that is perfectly suited to your home and family’s needs.


If a green lifestyle is important to you, Kinetico is the place to look for your water treatment needs. As we said, our systems are non-electric, so there’s no toll on the environment. Kinetico systems also last longer – keeping them out of the landfills – and use less salt and water. Once you have Kinetico water in your home, you’ll no longer need bottled water and you’ll notice you’re using less soap, shampoo and detergents. Also, your appliances will last longer!
That’s the Kinetico difference.