Hotel Water Softeners


Hotels are better with soft water. From cleaner towels to better-tasting food and water, Kinetico San Antonio’s hotel water softeners save hotels money while improving the customer experience. Add dechlorinators and reverse osmosis to the mix, and your hotel is fully equipped with state-of-the-art water treatment, customized to your hotel’s needs.

Soft Water Benefits

  • Better Food, Water Water – Clean drinking water in each room. A better breakfast in the morning. It all starts with water, and the quality of your water starts with a Kinetico Water System.
  • Spot-Free Glasses & Dishes – Your hotel is only as clean as the glasses your customers drink out of and the plates they eat off of. Optimize your guest dining experience with clean, sparkling glassware, flatware and silverware.
  • A Sparkling Bathroom – First impressions matter, and what better way to make a lasting impression than a bathroom free of hard water stains and mineral residue. Earn your guests’ trust with a bathroom cleaned with industrial-quality water systems.
  • Clean Sheets & Towels – Without the sediments of hard water getting in the way, your linens and towels will get cleaner more efficiently.
  • Save Money – Not only will appliances not have to work as hard with hard water, less detergent is required. In addition, our non-electric water systems save you electricity and water – our water softeners only work as they are needed, not around the clock.
  • Time Is Money, Too – Soft water means an easier time on housekeeping staff. Without mineral buildup and hard water stains to scrub away at in kitchens and bathrooms, maintain the efficiency of your housekeeping operations.

Get Started With Soft Water

Are you ready to taste and feel the difference? Try Kinetico San Antonio today. From compact systems to high-flow industrial power houses, Kinetico San Antonio has the water softeners, dechlorinators and reverse osmosis products to take your hotel business to the next level.