Home Water Testing 101

water testWhile city water must meet federal standards, it may not meet your standards. Home water testing can help get to the issues – some that aren’t as obvious as others. There are a lot of variables when it comes to your home water quality, including the age of the water system, potential for contamination and unknown well water quality.

What’s In My Tap Water?

The Environmental Protection Agency regulates more than 85 drinking water contaminants ranging from microorganisms to inorganic chemicals. Its standards are measured in MCLs (maximum contaminant levels). In addition to these safety standards, the EPA also has a secondary set standards to achieve the water quality that it recommends. There also is a separate list of contaminant candidates, which are not yet being regulated but known to enter public water systems.

Understanding Water Testing Results

Kinetico water tests can detect hardness, iron, pH and TDS (total dissolved solids) in your water supply. On-site tests are beneficial because of their immediacy, and it also gives us a chance to examine your site for any installation considerations.

Here are a few reasons we recommend a home water test:

  • Manganese – Knowing how the mineral is present in your water supply will help us match you up with the best product. Water with high manganese levels can be fixed with either a water softener or filtration system, depending on whether the mineral is dissolved or particulated.
  • Chlorine – The pre-filters we select for our reverse osmosis systems are dependent upon whether there’s chlorine in the water supply of the home. This will also help when matching you up to the right water softener or dechlorination system.
  • Hydrogen sulfide – The method of treating hydrogen sulfide varies, depending on whether it’s a low-level gas or present in high levels with a lot of iron. Knowing this is the difference between installing an aeration tank and introducing an oxidizing agent.

To learn more about water quality, also check out the Water Quality Association and the American Water Works Association.

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