What is Hard Water Hair?


You’ve tried new shampoo and conditioners, added special hair treatments to your schedule, changed your diet and you even reduced the time and temperature of your shower. You have altered your days around trying to salvage your hair. But it is still dry, brittle, breaking and now you are even noticing that your hair color doesn’t last.

You have done everything and more to get lustrous, strong hair like you see on the commercials. But maybe it isn’t a hair product you need. Maybe it’s your water. You may very well be suffering from hard water hair.

What is hard water?

The term “hard water” refers to an excess of minerals in your tap water. That is what causes white, crusty rings around faucets and water spots on your drinking glasses. Did you know it could also ruin appliances over time and build up in pipes? That is some serious stuff. So what do you think this is doing to your fragile hair? After washing your hair so many times, the buildup of leftover minerals creates a film on your locks. This is what causes your hair to become damaged. It prevents moisture from getting to your hair and results in dry, tangled and dull hair.

How to get rid of hard water

There are shampoos and conditioners on the market that are made for hard water. You could try these, but they are pricey. You could even consider collecting rainwater to rinse your hair, but that would make hair washing quite a chore. The easiest way to deal with hard water hair is to fix the water itself. The best way to deal with hard water is to get a water softener. A water softener removes the unwanted minerals from your water just as it enters your home. It will provide much better water for washing and rinsing your hair and leave it much cleaner and healthier. Your skin will notice a difference, too. It also offers the added benefit of extending the life of your pipes and appliances.

How do I get a water softener?

Getting the right water softening system for your home is easy when you deal with the experts. Kinetico San Antonio offers free water testing and they can set you up with just what you need to have soft water in your home. Give Kinetico San Antonio a call!