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Powered by the energy of moving water

If you are interested in receiving a higher quality of water in your home then you may want to consider getting a free estimate from Kinetico San Antonio. Our water systems are brilliantly engineered to supply the purest water that can be found in North America, giving you and your home a clean and refreshing upgrade from hard water.

Would you like to eliminate hard mineral build-up around your shower, faucets, fixtures and extend the life of all your water based home appliances? Would you enjoy showcasing gleaming spot free dishes as well as enjoy the luxury of softer healthier skin and hair? Adding a Kinetico San Antonio water system to your home can provide all of this plus much more!

To request a free water analysis or estimate, please complete our request form. A Kinetico water professional will be happy to contact you to perform a water analysis or provide you an estimate at no charge. Don’t forget to ask about our water softener rentals!

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