Fall Maintenance For Your System

Have you checked on your water softener lately? Water systems are meant to be low maintenance, but you don’t want to wait around until your water starts to suffer before deciding to take care of your softener. Here are a few routine maintenance tips that any homeowner can do to ensure their water stays pure and clean.

Check the Salt Level
The salt level in your water softener should be checked every 4-6 weeks. Your salt level should always be about half-full or less. Monitor whether the level is dropping, and try to avoid the creation of a salt bridge.

water softener salt

Read the Manual
The same kind of salt can’t be used for all water softeners. Find the user manual that came with your water softener (or look it up), and check if your system needs cube or crystal salt. If you’re still unsure, you can always ask us at Kinetico. We recommend Diamond Crystal Bright and Soft pellets for Kinetico water softeners.

Clean the Brine Tank
The brine tank (or salt tank) on your water softener can get a little crusty. This is caused by adding too much salt to your system or adding salt too frequently. Break up any hardened salt in the tank with a knife or another pointy object, and then dispose of it. You can use a vacuum to get rid of any leftover particles. Then wash out the brine tank with soap and water.

At Kinetico San Antonio, we are dedicated to improving your water quality. Call or visit our website today for a free estimate on your new favorite water softener.