Is Dry Shampoo Good for You?

November 22, 2016

Life is stressful. Hair is stressful. Hair makes life stressful.

One day, you’re up before sunrise, enjoying a balanced breakfast, brushing back your silky, luscious locks into the most pristine ponytail. The next, you’ve snoozed through nine alarms and are sprinting out the door with a dry bagel, coffee on your shirt and a knotted bird’s nest on top of your head.

For those who identify with the second morning scenario, first off, I feel your pain. Second, you’ve probably adapted a few, quick tricks that cover the beauty basics when you’re on the go and flying by the seat of your pants.

One product that seems to be a go-to for many is dry shampoo. It’s used to liven up a hairstyle or as a Hail Mary when you catch a regretful glimpse of yourself right before you’re out the door. The waterless wash is said to give texture and volume to your hair, as well as discretion for any extra grease on the scalp.

Although it’s a coveted staple for some beauticians, and a token seller for many big-name hair companies, is it actually the save-all we think it is? Could the quick fix now cause damage later? Is dry shampoo good for you?

Here are some facts about this powdery product.

It doesn’t actually clean.

For some users, dry shampoo is the last-minute cure for that crazy, ridiculous, out-of-control morning and you’re aiming to be presentable, not clean. In other words, this fact is a given. For others, this could be news. If dry shampoo is your sole cleanser for your scalp and hair, you might want to reconsider. Regardless of your intention, product can build up on your scalp, dry out your hair and throw off your hair’s natural oil balance. Eventually, your hair will adapt and stop producing natural oils to the scalp. So whether you use it on the run or as a primary cleanser, you must actually wash your scalp in between uses to keep your hair healthy.

It dulls your hair color.

As mentioned before, dry shampoo is used to soak up any excess grease on your scalp. Repeatedly using the powdery product, the formula will take your hair from shiny and silky to matte and dull. The texture will become rough and only fixable by actual shampoo.

It halts hair growth.

Dry shampoo not only messes with the natural oils on your scalp, it also interferes with the natural shedding process of hair. If the scalp doesn’t properly shed, flakes of dandruff and spots of psoriasis will accumulate and slow down hair growth. The dead skin cells need to properly flush from your scalp and that can only be done with a proper wash with water and real shampoo.

Not everyone wakes up to birds chirping and sunshine beaming. It’s a messy process for a lot of us that requires a few shortcuts to getting ready for the day. Ultimately, is dry shampoo good for you to use every once in a blue moon? Maybe. As your dependable, go-to scalp cleanser? Absolutely not.

Wake up a little earlier for a good hair wash. It’s either a little time now, or a lot of time (dandruff, money, dryness) later.

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