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Chlorine has been used since the 1850s to kill microbes in city water supplies. However, once the water reaches your home, there’s no longer a reason to keep the chlorine around. Improve the taste and smell of your water and enjoy the benefits to your clothes, appliances, hair and skin and invest in a chlorine filter for your Boerne water today.

There’s a reason you’re supposed to shower off after a dip in the swimming pool. While chlorine is great for killing bacteria, homeowners choose to keep it out of their home tap water for many reasons. Try a Kinetico dechlorination today to avoid these common issues linked to chlorine in drinking water:

  • Taste & Smell – Chlorine water tastes bad. Improve the taste and smell of your water with a chlorine filter.
  • Dry Hair & Skin – Water with chlorine dries out the hair and skin by stripping it of its protective oils.
  • Faded Clothes – Enjoy longer lasting clothes with bold colors when you use water free of chlorine.
  • Appliance Wear & Tear – Protect your appliances by investing in whole house dechlorination.

Kinetico Water Systems in Boerne

Since 1970, Kinetico in Boerne has been providing the most cutting-edge water filtration systems on the market. Our custom solutions for every home and budget get to the root of the water issues affecting you and your family. Contact us today for a free water test and to learn more about our products.

Kinetico dechlorinators work with water softeners and reverse osmosis systems to provide whole house water system solutions. Our customers turn to our Kinetico water softeners to keep scale buildup out of the home. In addition, our reverse osmosis systems remove the most contaminants of any other RO system on the market.

About Boerne, TX

Boerne, which is located 30 miles northwest of San Antonio, is home of the Cibolo Nature Center and Hill Country Mile. Located just north of Fair Oaks Ranch, Boerne is minutes away from The Rim, La Cantera, Fiesta Texas, and SeaWorld.

Want to learn more about what chlorine filters in Boerne can do for you? Contact us today for a free water test!