Drinking Water: Bottled Water or Filtered Water?

When most people want a drink of water, they reach for a bottle rather than taking advantage of the faucet. We often choose bottled water for convenience and quality, but there’s a better way to easily get pure, quality water.

Here is why you should skip the middleman and switch to filtered water.

Filtered = Healthy

One of the main reasons people choose bottled water is because they are worried about the quality of their tap water. Water from a tap can contain pesticides and other contaminants that get washed into water sources when it rains – and chlorine that municipalities add to kill any bacteria in city water.

Filtering systems, such as the Kinetico K5 drinking water system, can get rid of all of these impurities without removing the natural minerals that are good for us. Because of this, filtered water is a healthy choice for you and your family.

It’s More Efficient

Have you ever reached into the fridge for a bottle of water and found that there’s none left? With filtered water, you can use as much water as you want, whenever you want, and it will never run out.

If you want to take your filtered water on the go, reusable water bottles are a smart choice. They have the convenience of a plastic bottle without a negative impact on the environment.

Bottled water vs filtered water Kinetico

Filtered Water Saves Money

Perhaps the biggest reason to make the switch from bottled to filtered water is to save money. While there’s an initial investment in a filtration system, it pays off relatively quickly.

The average person spends about $100 each year on bottled water, and households with multiple people spend much more than that. The only cost of a filtering system after installation is to change out the water filter every few months.

What’s Next?

Kinetico makes it easy to find the drinking water system that is right for you, with choices ranging from simple and effective to the best on the market.

If you are ready to make the switch to filtered water, contact Kinetico San Antonio today!