4 Holiday Water Infusions to Serve at Your Party

This time of the year is busy for everyone. Christmas shopping needs to be done, and stores always seem to have lines that run around the corner and to the back. Even though the holidays seem stressful, something to look forward to are holiday parties! It’s exciting to know that there will be good food, drinks and company. If you are hosting a party, it is important to have a variety of servings for everyone to choose from. We have a couple recipes of water infusions to serve as refreshments at your party, because it’s never a bad idea to remind people to drink water.


Cranberry Mimosa

Water and crystal light cranberry + champagne, rosemary and cranberries. This is a new take on a mimosa, and it has a great presentation. Mix water and cranberry Crystal Light. Next, combine with champagne (or without, if you’d prefer). Then add rosemary and cranberries on a toothpick as a garnish. Serve in a champagne flute for great presentation!

Pomegranate and Lime Infusion

This concoction is as refreshing as it sounds. However, it does require sit time to let the water fully absorb the flavors. Fill the bottom of a pitcher with pomegranates. Add in thin slices of a lime to your liking. Personally, I prefer about half a lime sliced. Fill the pitcher with water. Then gently mash the fruits with a wooden spoon, only enough to release the juices! Let sit overnight – and then serve over ice!

Cucumber Detox

The holidays sometimes be too much fun, which can unfortunately lead to tough mornings. This detox will help with your recovery. Much like the pomegranate and lime infusion, this also requires sitting overnight. Simply line the bottom of your pitcher with cucumber and a little bit of lime (to your liking). Add water and stir. Then serve in the morning or whatever time you prefer.

Happy holidays and stay hydrated!

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